Old Campaigns

Here are some old FRG campaigns…

Company H Campaign

This started as a Thanksgiving weekend celebration of old school gaming by playing some 1st Edition AD&D and the Village of Hommlet, renamed to the Village of Hilltop. It quickly transformed into an ongoing campaign, switched to 3.5, and became one of my all-time favorite campaigns! Here is the campaign calendar that described the major events of the campaign (pdf). It combined elements of Temple of Elemental Evil, The Red Hand of Doom, and numerous little adventures mixed in.


Ptolus was another fairly long running FRG campaign and another 3.5 campaign. It followed the Company H Campaign. Ptolus is Monte Cook’s massive city setting and was specifically designed to work with and highlight the 3.5 d20 system. A very impressive (and heavy) book with essentially a plot point campaign contained within. Here is the campaign journal from the campaign (pdf).


Hellfrost marked the shift from d20 to Savage Worlds and I did not regret that switch one bit (well, except maybe for trying to find new players). Hellfrost is an absolutely wonderful setting from Triple Ace Games. It is about as perfect an approach to a setting (at least for me) as possible: a really strong skeleton of a setting for me to flesh out how I want. Our campaign journal is posted on the blog starting with this post, Hellfrost, and continuing on for quite some time. Just search for Hellfrost on the blog to find all the posts. Some day, I definitely want to get back to Hellfrost!

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