21 Jan

Looking for Players

We are looking for a player to join our tabletop RPG group. We play on Saturday evenings from 6pm to 11ish at my home in the Myers Park/Cascades Park area of Tallahassee, Florida. Our current campaign is a fantasy one using Savage Worlds…a Fast! Furious! Fun! system. We are not really big fans of scripted campaigns, rules lawyering, or power-gaming. We’re pretty much just a group of older gamers that likes to have fun gaming, letting the play tell the story, and sharing a few craft beers as we do. Beginners are welcome!

If you are interested in learning more, shoot an email to infoatfatratgamesdotnet (replacing the italicized at and dot with the appropriate symbols). You can also register with this site and post a reply here. However, due to spammers, if your email and/or name don’t look legit, it may not get approved; the same is true if you have a gmail account, again due to spammers). Lastly, you can head over to the Fat Rat Games Facebook page and post a response or send a message there.

You can also look through the Quail Valley Campaign session recaps to get a good idea of what has happened in the current campaign.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Savage Worlds, check out the “What is Savage Worlds?” page at Savagepedia or head over to the Pinnacle Entertainment Group website as they are the publishers of Savage Worlds.

07 Apr

FRC Session 26…Out on an Island

In our last session, the party escaped what looked to be a complex dedicated to the demon lord Jubilex but not empty-handed. Not only did they find some treasure, they also found a new friend, Jubi Junior. They escaped by descending even deeper down some water-filled tunnels and came upon a rather large cavern with a rather large island in the middle of the lake that filled the cavern.

This recap is from RJ. Bridgett made a guest appearance and took on the role of Skarr. Jubi’s comments, again, are in [brackets and italics].

There are definite spoilers below for the module, The Sinister Spire. Um, yeah, no…maybe they’ll get back to Pedestal and that module again some day.

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06 Sep

House Rules for 5th Edition and Some Changes

We had a break from gaming last week as too many people had other plans for the long holiday weekend (Labor Day in the US). So no session recap. Instead, here’s the house rules that we’ve been using for our 5e game…all subject to change of course. But first…a bit of news.

We won’t be playing next week so tonight, even though we’ll have almost a full table, we’re going to play the Side Quest again. We also will have a new player, Jeremy, joining us. He’ll be playing Ulfgar Ironfist, a dwarven fighter. It also sounds like Todd may have to bow out from playing on a regular basis. We might have another person interested in joining as well.

We’re also going to be dropping the Starter Set campaign and the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure. To be honest, if we don’t play a campaign for awhile, I start to lose interest in it…especially if it is one that I’m not heavily invested in in terms of time and effort. Lost Mines kind of falls into that category as–other than the beginning at Crellar’s Trading Post–I really hadn’t done much to change or flesh it out yet.

Instead, we’ll continue with The Side Quest when we don’t have a “quorum” of players (the minimum number to be determined later) and we’ll be starting a new campaign soon. It’ll will be based on the excellent little mini-setting, The Lonely Coast, from Raging Swan Press. I’ll, of course, be changing, adding, and subtracting to make it my own. After a little “poll” on our forums this week, it looks like the campaign will be a heroic fantasy campaign with multiple locales to explore and intrigue to get caught up in with a pinch of ancient civilizations, a dash of swaggering-mercenary attitude, a splash of humor, and a subtle hint of good old-fashioned swords and sorcery.

Damn…I started to ramble. Better get back on topic. Our house rules are below the break.

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18 Sep

Site Revamp

This is mostly for those Ratlings that are participating in a FRG campaign and others who had access to the prior private site. You may have noticed that you’re not at the site you thought you’d be when you hit your old FRG bookmark or whatever. You are now at the new site!

To access the private forums, you’ll need to register for them by clicking on the FRG Forums (Private) link right over there to the right. It will take you to the forums, click on Register, and go through that whole process. The administrator (hey, that’s me) will have to approve your registration before you can access the forums. I’ll try to be timely.

I’m not bringing over the old forum posts so if there is anything from the old forums that you want posted here, let me know and I’ll dig it out of the database.