FRG LogoWelcome to Fat Rat Games! I’m Tim (aka daHeadRat) and I’m your host. Fat Rat Games (aka FRG) is just a thematic moniker for the online content related to the campaign(s) and other gaming stuff that I and my gaming group participate in. This blog is the public site for FRG and serves as an introduction for anyone interested in seeing what we’ve been up to, where we might be going, and what they might find if they were to join our gaming group. There is also a private site with an active forum and such but that is reserved for those actively participating in an FRG campaign (and select guests).

A little about me…I’ve been gaming for longer than I care to remember. Let’s just say that I started in the early days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve had long periods of non-gaming for various reasons but always seem to come back to gaming as it is something that I simply enjoy doing. I prefer games that emphasize story and plot over simple hack n’ slash and power gaming. However, I’m not a fan of “railroading” by either GM or players. I prefer more of an emergent story.

Essentially, I like to run a game where the story emerges as the player characters interact with the setting, the non-player characters, and any premise and plot opportunities that the gamemaster or players have initially provided. The actions and interactions of the PCs and the reactions from the NPCs and setting “naturally” create new situations and plot opportunities that the group can choose to pursue or not (though, of course, the choice to pursue or not can create consequences of their own). All of this drives the plot and story forward.

I personally find this to be an interesting and challenging approach to GMing and I enjoy when the players are actively engaged in cooperatively driving the story forward. Trust and cooperation between the GM and the players (as well as amongst the players) are important to this and, I think, the key to having fun in an FRG game. Non-cooperative, competitive, or disruptive players (or GM) detract from that fun. And fun is what I hope everyone who plays gets out of the game.

If you are interested in intrigue, plot, and an emergent story where your character(s) are a driving force (though not the only force) in creating that story, then a typical FRG campaign might just be for you.

Myself and most of those participating also enjoy craft beer…possibly a bit too much. We almost always share a bottle or two (or three or four) of (usually) good craft beer while we play. Not everyone that plays or has played is a beer drinker and so it certainly isn’t a requirement but it is a definite bonus for those who do enjoy good beer.


Tim (aka daHeadRat of Fat Rat Games)