22 Jan

Looking for a Player

Our gaming group–primarily tabletop rpgs–currently has an opening. We play on Saturday evenings in the Myers Park area of Tallahassee, typically from 6pm to 11ish. Our favorite genre is fantasy but we dabble in others every once in awhile. We are currently playing a D&D retro-clone called Basic Fantasy RPG aka BFRPG (it is a free download if you want to take a look). We also use a number of the supplements (also free to download) that have been published for it. We’ll likely bounce back and forth between BFRPG and Savage Worlds. We’ve given 5e a good run but it just isn’t quite my cup of tea so it is unlikely that we’ll be playing it in the future. We’re not really big fans of scripted campaigns, rules lawyering, or powergaming. We’re pretty much just a group (of slightly older gamers) that likes to have fun gaming, letting the play tell the story, and, as the website’s tagline suggests, sharing a few craft beers as we do. Beginners are welcome!

If you are interested or would like more information, please post a comment here. For those who inquired about playing previously, I’ll be shooting you an email to see if you might still be interested.

19 Jan

Return to Hilltop Session 2 (BFRPG)

In our prior session (our first), the party (two pairs of siblings) arrived in Hilltop. Hilltop is a small village a few days south of Verbobonc and is the name we use instead of Hommlet. After introductions, some gambling, a little drink, and a good night’s sleep at the Bugbear’s Beds & Brews, they wound up at the ruined Moathouse, a few miles to the northeast of the village. A few battles later, they party retreated back to Hilltop with one sibling of each pair carrying their unconscious relative, downed during their battles. Some bed rest and acquiring a couple of Potions of Healing, the party was ready to get back to adventuring. Leaving the shop of the village trader, they realized that one party member was missing but Drayton spotted a familiar face approaching the inn.

Dave will no longer be playing and so Karl is the missing party member. Muse joined us after missing the first session and so she brought in her new PC, a dwarven cleric. There are definite spoilers for T1 The Village of Hommlet and possibly for A0 Danger at Darkshelf Quarry below the break. This recap is from Muse and my comments, as usual, are in [brackets and italics].

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12 Jan

Return to Hilltop Session 1 (BFRPG)

As one of our long term players who moved out of town a while back would say, “Hooray!” Hooray, indeed. We started our BFRPG campaign this past session. Hooray! As mentioned in the last post, we are returning to the site of one of our best campaigns ever, Hilltop. Hilltop is a slightly re-imagined Hommlet from T1 The Village of Hommlet by Gary Gygax and published way back in 1979. It is a classic and for very good reasons. Our version is still in the south of Verbobonc, it still has a Moathouse a short distance away, and it might still even have some sort of evil temple nearby. It certainly still has the lots of plot hooks from having something of a living and breathing settlement as the foundation.

This campaign is some 50 years after our prior Company H Campaign. Craig, Dave, and Muse weren’t playing back then but Rachel and RJ were. Todd, who is moving back to Tallahassee and will be re-joining us soon, played the campaign’s eponymous Harvey. There are a lot of little easter eggs in the current Hilltop for those that played in the prior campaign (e.g., the inn is now called the Bugbear’s Beds & Brews since Harvey was reincarnated as a bugbear during the campaign). Hooray for Todd soon joining us again. If you hadn’t guessed yet, Todd is the one who Hoorays all the time. 😉

Muse was missing and so we had Craig (playing Drayton Thunderbeard), Dave (playing Karl Thunderbeard), Rachel (playing Molly Malone), and RJ (playing Griff Malone). Drayton and Karl are clansmen while Molly and Griff are brother and sister…I’m not sure who is the elder sibling of the two. Obviously, there are potential spoilers for T1 The Village of Hommlet below the break. This recap is from Rachel and my comments, as usual, are in [and italics].

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04 Jan

Make Mine Basic

Due to holidays, travel, and players missing for various reasons, we didn’t play all that much during the months of November and December. Big lulls in playing like this are almost always the death knell of a campaign for me. I don’t stay engaged with the campaign and so I start to lose interest in it and start looking elsewhere…it is one of my many flaws. For one of the sessions that we did play, it wasn’t clear to me which players were going to be able to make it and so I was hesitant to put a lot of effort or time into preparing something in case no one could make it. So I pulled out something that I’ve always wanted to play, Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (aka BFRPG), and grabbed one of the adventures, Beneath Brymassen, from Adventure Anthology One to run. Dave, Muse, Rachel, and RJ all participated so only Craig was missing. More on our experience below the break.

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