21 Jul

FRC Session 36…Here Be Dragon

During the last session, the crew of the Jupiter 2 continued their journey, adrift in the Underdark. They passed through some sort of purple worm hatchery, came across something of an oasis and restocked on some supplies (after defeating some of the more hostile inhabitants of the area), and then came across a rather deep and fairly wide gorge that blocked their path. Attacked by some giant mosquito like creatures, they prevailed and one of the opponents–lit by faerie fire–plunged into the depths of the gorge. Some two-hundred feet or so down, a larger creature gulped up this falling meal. As we ended the session and as the faerie fire light disappeared, the shadowy swallowing creature looked to possibly be flying up towards the party. That’s where we pick up after the break.

This recap is from Rachel. Thomas and Muse missed this session. RJ played Meri and Dave played Verrak. My comments, as usual, are in [brackets and italics].

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14 Jul

FRC Session 35…Along Came a Spider

The last session took a rather interesting turn for the party. Their guide, Buppido the Derro, apparently turned upon them just outside of an illithid’s (i.e., mind flyer) lair and, presumably, its thralls. They prevailed and camped for a bit within. Now, however, they’ve lost their guide, are off the main route shown on their map, and more or less lost. With no other choice, they planned on pressing on after their rest. We pick up with that below the break after they’ve traveled for a bit, generally sticking to staying to the right when presented with a choice of passages.

This recap is from Dave. RJ was missing and so Thomas played Adran. My comments, as usual, are in [brackets and italics].

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04 Jul

FRC Session 34…And Then There Were Three

During the last session, the party had gone off map under the guidance of the derro, Buppido, that they had rescued from the drow at Velkynvelve. So far, things had gone pretty well despite losing some of their entourage to in-fighting of sorts. They had survived some of the dangers of the Underdark and had even learned a thing or two along the way. At the end of the session, the group had made it to some sort of supposedly abandoned temple that Buppido had identified as a safe place to rest but it wasn’t fully abandoned. A pair of large brains with legs were encountered. We pick up after the break with these brains as pretty much all chaos breaks loose.

This recap is from Craig. Muse was missing and so Thomas played Meri. My comments, as usual again, are in [brackets and italics].

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04 Jul

FRC Session 33…Eight (NPCs) is Enough

When we last left our explorers, they had survived betrayal and attack by the drow stationed at an outpost called Velkynvelve. Although one drow, possibly a priestess type, had escaped, they slaughtered all the rest, gathered additional supplies, and had freed eight of ten prisoners (killing a drow prisoner and leaving behind a kuo-toa who was way too “enlightened” for their tastes). We pick up with their final preparations before departing the outpost after the break.

This recap is from Thomas. Muse and Craig were missing this session. Bridgett made a guest appearance to play Dench while RJ played Meri. As Jubi was still missing, I guess it’ll by my comments back again in [brackets and italics].

There are possible spoilers for part of Out of the Abyss from Wizards but much was changed.

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