25 Jun

FRC Session 32…There’s Gonna Be an Underdark Breakout

In our last session, the party pressed on in their Underdark travels back towards Pedestal. Skarr fell in battle against hook horrors and gnolls. A new ally joined the group, Fletcher, who has ties to Caill Dafad! And Jubi learned that there are, indeed, those in the Underdark who are successful at romance…or at least have a date with a drow. By the end of the session, the party had just arrived at the entrance to the drow outpost, Velkynvelve and that is where we pick up after the break.

This recap is from RJ. Everyone was at this session. Jubi’s comments, again, are in [brackets and italics].

There are possible spoilers for part of Out of the Abyss from Wizards but much was changed.

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20 Jun

FRC Session 31…Date Night

Lions, tigers, and bugbears, oh my! That’s where we left off at the last session. The party had just defeated a rather large band of bugbear slavers marching through with about a half dozen chained gnomes. We pick up with the party freeing those gnomes that survived the fight as well as the pair of bugbears who surrendered.

This recap is from Muse. Thomas and Rachel were missing so RJ (I believe) played Verrak while Dave played Rory and Skarr. Jubi’s comments, again, are in [brackets and italics].

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10 Jun

FRC Session 30…In the Eye of the…

After finding a bit of relative civilization, a good meal, and a nice night’s sleep at Mistle’s, the party had set off back into the Underdark. This time, at least, they had something of a map to help guide them. A map drawn on cured human skin but a map nonetheless. As we ended the last session, they found themselves confronted by one of the most dangerous creatures in the Underdark (or anywhere else for that matter)…a beholder!!!

This recap is from Muse. RJ was missing this session and so Thomas played Adran. We are also joined by a new player, Dave, who took on the role of Skarr. Jubi’s comments, again, are in [brackets and italics].

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