10 Mar

FRC Session 24…Destination Assassination

A local beer festival and then missing/ill players meant that we hadn’t played for a couple of weeks after the party had returned from Rikaryon’s Island with the requested mushrooms and that Es Sarch had requested to speak with Rory.

Todd will no longer be playing due to personal reasons but everyone else wanted to keep having Skarr around. I’m not completely sure if it is for his martial prowess, healing spells, or to have a scapegoat for when dealing with Lokka. I guess, for now, they’ll just figure out who will play him each session. We pickup with Rory speaking to Es Sarch…which Rachel and I played out before the others arrived.

This recap is from Rachel and we had a full, now five-player, table. My GM comments, as usual, are in [brackets and italics].

There are definite spoilers below for the module, The Sinister Spire.

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