22 Jan

D&D at Fallout Comics

Fallout Comics will begin hosting a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game (5th Edition) on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 9pm starting on January 27.

Beginners are welcome to join us as are experienced players. If you are interested, please rsvp via email at falloutdnd at fatratgames dot net. Seats will be filled by order of rsvp and then on a first come, first served basis each week.

If you’d like more information about 5th Edition D&D, you can grab a free pdf of the basic rules here: Basic Rules.

At this first session, we will have characters available for players to choose or you can create your own in advance. If you’d like to create your own, please follow the Adventurers League Character Creation guidelines and create a 1st level character. The guidelines can be found here: AL Guide.

Initially, we will have one table available with a limit of seven players. We will be playing some of the Adventurers League D&D Expeditions adventures for the first few weeks, most likely starting with Harried in Hillsfar or Defiance in Phlan. After that, we will gauge player interest to determine what will be the best options for continued play.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email (falloutdnd at fatratgames dot net) and I’ll do my best to answer.

Fallout Comics is located in Tallahassee at the Gulf Winds Shopping Center (along with Best Buy and Office Depot) at 1484 Apalachee Parkway and is near the northeastern corner of the shopping center.

13 thoughts on “D&D at Fallout Comics

  1. Hello, long time D&D player, mostly playing Pathfinder these last few years. I would like to attend this coming Wednesday, the 10th. I checked around on this site, but did not see any e-mail to contact Tim and RSVP, so I hope this will suffice.

  2. Hey Jonathan,

    This will suffice. See you on Wednesday. Feel free create a 1st level character per the Adventurers League rules or you can grab a pregen that I’ll have available.

  3. Hello there. Wondering if its too late to request to join. Never played DnD but i have always wanted to. None of my friends are interested because of Overwatch lol.
    Let me know if i could join and where to start.

  4. Hey Pierce, unfortunately, the Fallout table is full at the moment. If you’d like to come out some Wednesday just to observe, please let me know and we can work it out. I can add you to a waiting list for players as well in case a spot opens up.

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