27 Nov

FRC Session 12…Return of the Dworcs

At the end of our last session, the party found itself one member short after Strik fell in combat against some “ghoul” things and to add insult to injury, had had his body unceremoniously dropped into a chasm (apparently hiding the fact that you are a priest of an evil deity, Shar, didn’t sit too well with some of the party). To make matters worse, a carrion crawler burst out of a tunnel in the chasm wall to chase after the body and was followed by a second one. That’s pretty much where we picked up with this session.

There was a full table this session with all six players in attendance. Thomas is playing a new charcter, Verrak, a dwarven fighter (eldritch knight) who makes his first appearance shortly after we started playing.

This recap is from Todd. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics]. 😉

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21 Nov

FRC Session 11…Dinner?

Well, we’ve had a rather long break from gaming for a whole host of reasons. I think our last session was six weeks prior to our last session but we picked up right where we left off…with the party exploring the depths below Cagair Keep. An exploration that last found Rory separated from the rest of the party, spotting a bit of movement in the cavern ahead of her.

We have a new player joining us, Craig. He’s a newbie when it comes to D&D (a blank slate for me to mold, mwah ha ha!!!) and is playing a half-orc druid by the name of Dench. Like Skarr (Todd’s character), Dench happens to be one of Thokk’s children as well.

Muse had to miss this session and so RJ and then later Rachel played Dru. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics]. Actually, since I had to write this recap, they’re probably not nearly has separated from the events as they should be. 😉

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