13 Oct

FRC Session 10…The (Next) Shaft

At the end of the ninth session of this campaign, the party had started exploring the areas below Cagair Keep and found them occupied by some sort of dwarf zombie things. Dwarf zombie things that remained “alive” after encountering the party. An additional shaft leading even farther down was also found. However, without more rope they decided to head back up and regroup. That’s where we pick up this session.

This recap is from Thomas. Everyone was in attendance. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics].

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01 Oct

FRC Session 9…The Rapping

When our last session ended, the party had–somewhat–consolidated their hold on Cagair Keep. Additional troops, nearly all half-orcs and some progeny, had been brought in by Thokk and had sworn some sort of orcish oath to Adran. The dworc servants were helping Adran settle into his new role (and, for varying reasons, learning to dislike Strik). Perhaps even more importantly, a secret entrance to some sort of lower level had been discovered! Caill’s will had hinted at treasure that those who invaded his keep probably would not have found and the dworcs had told Adran he would find great treasure below. Now we’re talking…loot!

This recap is from RJ. Muse and Rachel both had to miss this session. Also, Andrew had to “tender his resignation” from the group with a busy schedule and a planned move out of town. I learned my lesson last time with Bran (Todd’s prior character) departing as he had. So this time, Luther just kind of faded…stage left. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics].

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