28 Sep

FRC Session 8…The Turd

By the end of our last session, the “good guys” had achieved the objective of driving Lady Hawke out of Cagair Keep but they had to figure out how they could keep the Keep. Hawke had escaped and after some rather orcish interrogation of a prisoner by Strik, they learned that their foe still had men in the area and could be probably be back by morning. Thokk, despite the party’s reluctance, left to find troops to bring back to the Keep to defend, with all assuming that he’d bring back orcs. We pick up with all of this victory “aftermath.”

This recap is from Todd who has rejoined the group as he is now staying in town instead of moving. You’ll see who he’s playing in a bit. Both Andrew and Muse were missing this session. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics].

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20 Sep

FRC Session 7…The Keep

In our last session, Strik had entered Cagair Keep and had quite the conversation with Lady Hawke and his own little adventure. The session ended with Strik, naked, bound, and shot, leading Hawke and her men to Thokk…or so Strik had convinced them. Unbeknownst to Strik, the rest of the PCs and Thokk as well had, in fact, made their way to the area of the cave where they first encountered Thokk…the same place Strik was headed. That’s where we pick up.

This recap is from Andrew. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics].

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08 Sep

FRC Session 6…Strik’s Day Out

When we ended our last session, we got back to having something of a cliffhanger…phew. The party had gone to Cagair Keep and Dru had entered under some false pretenses to see what information she could acquire. She learned, among other things, that Lady Hawke has little patience. Kicked out of Cagair Keep, Dru was walking away from the keep when a number of the guards let loose with crossbow bolts! That’s where we pick up.

This recap is from Rachel. Andrew and Muse were missing this session. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics].

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01 Sep

FRC Session 5…Dru’s Day Out

The last session ended somewhat tamely compared to some prior ones. The party had headed to Floshin Estate to see if they could find out anymore information about Caill and/or his death as his body had been found near the estate. They were greeted by an elf before catching even sight of any building that might be part of Floshin Estate. The elf didn’t seem too pleased at their arrival but did share some information, showed them the location where Caill’s body had been found, and granted them permission to camp on Floshin lands. Bran took first watch but the elf suggested that they would face no dangers while camping and Bran took him at his word, the halfling went to sleep.

This recap is from Muse. Todd would not be playing with us anymore as he was moving out of town so I came up with something that seemed fairly appropriate for Bran’s departure. My GM comments are in [brackets and italics]. There are, potentially, some spoilers for the old Dungeon magazine (Issue #26) adventure, “The Inheritance,” even if many (if not most) of the details aren’t quite as written in that adventure.

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