21 Jun

The Deadliest Link – Season Premiere (Season 1, Episode 1)

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Deadliest Link!

As you know, the Deadliest Link is Faerun’s most exciting entertainment where we link you with individuals, our Daredelvers, exploring and surviving (or trying to) in Undermountain. Let’s get right to the show and introduce our Daredelvers.

Daredelver #1 is a Piper, a shadowy figure who has walked many alleyways to avoid the long arm of the law.

Daredelver #2 is Rurik and this half-orc hunter comes to us from the deep wilderness, far from civilization.

Daredelver #3 is the gnome Nilbas and this short wizard knows death in a manner that most of us would shudder to even think about.

Daredelver #4 is Isaac, a priest of an unknown god from far off, unknown lands.

Daredelver #5 is the half-orc Igmut and he combines his orcish savagery with the finesse and stealth of the city’s streets.

While I may be known as the Queen of Mean, I am not heartless. Our Daredelvers could use a little aid this episode and so I have gifts for them! For Piper, a Potion of Healing. For Rurik, a Ring of Thunder Resistance. For Nilbas, [I forgot.] For Igmut, a Cloak of the Bat!

[Random magic items can be so much fun.]

With all our housekeeping out of the way, audience, are you ready to play…the Deadliest Link?!?

{The linked audience cheers with unbridled enthusiasm.}

Daredelvers…prepare to be…The Deadliest Link!

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20 Jun

The Deadliest Link – Season Premiere (Season 1, Pre-Show)

Since we have some scheduling issues with players missing and a holiday coming up, we aren’t going to start a new (regular) campaign for a few weeks. So tonight, instead, we’re going to go with our evolving The Deadliest Link alternative. I asked everyone to provide a favorite saying, theme, trope, what have you from game shows and I’ve tried to incorporate them to one degree or another into The Deadliest Link. Below the break is the introduction to the season premiere that I’ve shared with the players. I’ll be using another random dungeon tonight and pretty much winging it again so we’ll see how things go. 😉

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14 Jun

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Wherever It Is Going Part 3 (Session 17)

When we ended our last session, things were looking rather grim for the party. Pounder had been arrested for the brutal murder of the child, Kettilwig, and was locked up in the Warden’s stockade, waiting for his execution the following morning. Bay and Thalimor had headed off to the Temple of Velen but had been beaten there by two of the Warden’s soldiers. Worried about their presence, the two had decided to camp in the woods near the temple despite the potential threat of goblins or worse coming across their camp. The remaining three party members (Isenthorne, Magnus, and Osric) had received a rather cold welcome in Swallowfeld but had gone to investigate the site of Kettilwig’s murder. Isenthorne had just started climbing a tree to investigate the thick and rather numerous spider webs in the trees of the area. While it was already evening for Bay and Thalimor, it was still afternoon for the trio of characters, and Pounder was still unconscious. So we had some time differences that needed to be rectified early on in the session.

We had a full table with everyone present this session. As you’ll see, this did turn out to be our “last” session with the Lonely Coast campaign. I say last in quotes because I hope that at some point we’ll come back to this setting and play in it again. It won’t be the same characters because…well, I’ll save the because for after the break. 😉

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10 Jun

The Deadliest Link – Pilot Episode

This past session we did something a little different. Muse was already going to be missing and Thomas had to cancel more or less at the last minute. Unfortunately, I was out watching the Champions’ League final at a bar when I found out and I didn’t get home until almost right before we were going to start the session. I am cruel and heartless enough to have run might be the last session of our Lonely Coast campaign without one player (sorry Muse…nothing personal) but, apparently, I’m not cruel and heartless enough to do it if two players are missing. Or at least not enough to actually make that decision myself…so I left it up to the players in attendance. The majority didn’t want to continue (end?) the LC campaign without the others present. So now what?!?

Rachel suggested that we could just play a board game, like Descent, but as the conversation continued, we settled on still playing D&D. So everyone created a character and everyone (with one exception) used the Fifth Edition Character Sheet app which made certainly sped things up and my brain continued to be muddled and not settling on anything (it was because I was tired and hungry…honest…I only had two beers watching the game). By the time everyone had a character ready and I had had some dinner, my brain was working again…more or less.

During the earlier conversation, murders, the television show CSI, and Orc & Pie had come up and that all somehow seeped through my brain as murder and television shows. Once it got through to the other side of my head and actually made its way out, the Deadliest Link pilot show was born (rather rough around the edges).

Four contestants awoke in a darkened room and, as they opened their eyes, bright lights flashed and a disembodied voice enthusiastically shouted out, “Welcome to the Deadliest Link!” The last thing each contestant [i.e., the player characters] could remember was signing some waiver or contract. The voice explained, directing itself towards some unseen audience, that the rules of the game were quite simple. One of the contestants had murdered the baker [a body in baker’s clothing was lying, facedown, on the floor nearby with a knife in its back with a pie sitting on a pedestal just behind the body]. It was the contestants’ task to not only determine which of them had committed the murder but to also survive the Dungeon of Doom. By the end, only one of the contestants would leave alive as the Deadliest Link!

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05 Jun

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Wherever It Is Going Part 2 (Session 16)

When we last left the party, they had, well, they had pretty much become rather alienated from the authorities and townsfolk of Swallowfeld. Possibly with hopes of at least doing some good and to save the Warden’s nephews that had been taken by the goblins, they set out to follow the tracks. They had found the goblin compound and had begun their exploration/raid of it and that’s where we’ll pick up after the break.

This is probably going to be a bit more abbreviated than many of the session write-ups. Not because little happened but because the last session was almost three weeks ago, I’ve put off writing this until now, and it is getting late on a Friday night. We had a full table with all players in attendance and a bit of a twist near the end of the session that I think kind of threw the players…mwah ha ha!

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