12 May

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Wherever It Is Going Part 1 (Session 15)

When we last left the party, the village of Swallowfeld had been attacked by a force of goblins. The PCs had, with the Warden’s blessing, gone out to fight the goblins. After the battle, in which the forces of “good” had prevailed, the Warden and Bay had spoken. Bay had suggested that the Warden, who was still a bit concerned about the party, could trust to Pounder’s sense of honor and duty and that the paladin would make sure that the adventurers would not bring additional danger to the peoples of the Lonely Coast. Pounder then discussed this with the Warden and agreed. He and Feng had gone off to find Thalimor–for whom the Warden had reserved the vast majority of his concern–to inform the bard of the situation.

This is where we pick up after the break. We had a full table this session with non one missing. By the end of this session, the status of the PCs on the Lonely Coast will have significantly changed and the Warden’s concerns shown to be quite well-founded.

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04 May

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Seeking Cynric’s Folly Part 7 (Session 14)

When we last left the party, Thalimor had gotten himself arrested by the Warden of the Lonely Coast while the rest of the party had blatantly disregarded a direct “request” from the man appointed by the Baron to see to the safety of the Lonely Coast. Rather than return to the Wolf’s Head Inn and remain there, they followed the goblin tracks in the hopes of finding the abducted children. This group remained just a bit ahead of the troops led by the Warden and the manacled (and gagged) Thalimor. When the heroes arrived back at the ruins, they found the children in the “temple” area along with Aerlium, a badly tortured Malvenos, and four of the wrath creatures. They were unable to rescue the children at this time and, after fighting a large number of goblins in the woods, were hustling towards the sounds of a combat…presumably between the goblins and the Warden’s force.

That is where we pick up after the break. Rachel and Muse were missing this session and, unfortunately, Thomas had to cancel at the last minute due to illness. So we were missing half of the players and so everyone played two characters. In addition to their normal characters, RJ played Isenthorne, Miles played Osric, and Todd played Thalimor. Rachel’s absence, unfortunately, also means that the group’s note taker was missing. I rely pretty heavily on her notes when writing the recaps. Because I make up so much of this on the fly, I can’t always keep track of what happened in what order. So it is quite likely that this recap might have more mistakes and less detail than those when she does take her five or six pages of notes.

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02 May

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Seeking Cynric’s Folly Part 6 (Session 13)

No, really, the heroes really are seeking Cynric’s Folly…they just keep getting caught up in other things.

In our last session, the heroes returned back to Swallowfeld to deliver Berangar to the authorities and to make various preparations for seeking out Cynric’s Folly after having gained some additional clues as to its location from the elderly priest, Godric. However, nothing is ever quite that simple. Instead, various hijinks ensued that ultimately resulted in Thalimor engaging in some cross-dressing and expressing a strong interest in an alternate sexuality to avoid, well, an engagement. After all that hilarity, Pounder was woken early the following morning by a pounding on his door and someone shouting, “The children are gone!”

And that is where we pick up after the break.

I’m going to add a little something that I haven’t done before with the session recap. I’m going to add the days that the action takes place. Things are now getting to the point that I need to keep track of the calendar or it will get a bit too confusing for me. So, I had to come up with a calendar for the setting. It is a 13-month lunar based calendar with four weeks per month and seven days per week. Each month starts on the full moon. The campaign is currently in the month of Plognath or Plow Moon in the old language (Elderspraech or Reorde) of the Thioda, the Thaeden cultural ancestors. The days of the month are notated not by a number like we do nowadays but as the first, second, third, or fourth Haelfdag (or whichever day it is) of Plognath (or whichever month it is).

So with that all out of the way…

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