23 Apr

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Seeking Cynric’s Folly Part 5 (Session 12)

When we last left our heroes, they had been investigating a purported suicide at the Temple of Vélen when additional bodies started to be found dead. The priest, Aethelric, who was reported to have committed suicide had come back from the dead for vengeance against those who had wronged him. The heroes had just “killed” the creature with repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated attacks (i.e., it took a LOT of damage to drop). Fortunately for them, the thing had been solely focused on slowly squeezing the life out of one of the other priests rather than attacking them. When we pick up after the break, we start to learn about what had actually happened to Aethelric and a bit of other things about the temple.

The Southern Shakespeare Festival (with a production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream) also returned to Tallahassee this past weekend after a 15+ year hiatus. There must have been something in the air as we had elements of secret identities, cross-dressing, arranged romances, cross-dressing to avoid arranged romances, and the like. I made a comment the next day to one of the players about how I kind of felt like some of the session was inspired by some Shakespearean elements and she had been thinking the same thing. It wasn’t really intentional but it was pretty fun. I had actually prepped something for this session but we never even got close to it.

RJ was missing this week and so Todd played Bay. Spoiler Alert: This session is partially based on and largely inspired by the old Dungeon Magazine adventure, Unhallowed Ground, from Issue #54.

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14 Apr

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Seeking Cynric’s Folly Part 4 (Session 11)

In our last session, our heroes had made their way to the Temple of Vélen to both deliver the package given to them by Galden Hearthtop in Wolverton and to seek more information about Cynric’s Folly. Their arrival was marked by spotting a relatively fresh grave outside of the temple complex and with significant suspicion…bordering on hostility…from the gate’s guard, Malvenos. Once inside, they completed their delivery, learned that little of the famed library and, more importantly to them, no writings on Cynric’s Folly remained, and met the largely dysfunctional “family” of priests who still resided in the complex. They also learned that the fresh grave was that of a young priest and promising scribe who had recently committed suicide and, as a result, was not interred in the temple’s catacombs.

When we ended the prior session, the party had retired for the night in some of the many vacant cells in the temple’s dormitory and were awakened by the sound of the temple’s bell ringing…though somewhat muffled. And that’s where we pick up after the break.

Miles missed this session and so RJ played Magnus. Spoiler Alert: This session is partially based on and largely inspired by the old Dungeon Magazine adventure, Unhallowed Ground, from Issue #54.

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07 Apr

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Seeking Cynric’s Folly Part 3 (Session 10)

When we last left our heroes, they were rising from their sleep at the Wolf’s Head Inn in the village of Swallowfeld. It had been a pleasant evening particularly in comparison to their last couple of days involving undead, a malicious imp, and a “blessing” for one character, Bay, from the imp’s mistress…whoever she might be. The hospitality of their host, Kettle, was quite welcomed. Their intent for this day was to head out for the Temple of Vélen and see if they could find any information about the location of Cynric’s Folly as well as deliver the pouch that Galden Hearthtop (at the Fellowship Hall in Wolverton) had tasked them with giving to the head priest at the temple.

Fair warning for those that like action and combat, there wasn’t much during this session. Well, actually, there wasn’t really any…except a rather one-sided sparring match between Pounder and Thalimor. This was another one of our crappy sessions that was pretty much all in-character roleplaying [yes, crappy is tongue in cheek]. It was also a bunch of setting building via the roleplaying. Swallowfeld got a bit fleshed out as did the Temple of Vélen.

As you read this, keep in mind that the temple has fallen from its glory days and is dilapidated and underpopulated. There is also an element of dysfunction that I hoped started to come out as the PCs had the opportunity to interact with the PCs. In some ways, perhaps at least in terms of the “mood” of the temple as a setting, I had the movie, The Name of the Rose, in the back of my mind throughout this session.

Muse was missing this session and so RJ played Osric in her absence which, I’m sure, probably has Muse wondering, as she reads this, just what kind of trouble RJ got Osric into this session. The last time he played Osric, he had the big fighter go and hug a zombie which, of course, earned Osric a few nibbles on the neck as a result. Rather than keep Muse in suspense any longer, the session recap is below the break.

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