29 Mar

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Seeking Cynric’s Folly Part 2 (Session 9)

Things had gotten a bit dicey and complicated for our party at the end of our last session. Thalimor, apparently, had released some sort of demon or devil type creature that had been trapped in a magical box for untold centuries. The party took to calling the thing an imp and it introduced itself as Aerlium. The imp had found the two children that the heroes had been searching for and had also released the various undead that were in the complex. Various bargains had been offered by Aerlium for the lives of the children and safe passage through the complex. Eventually, the bargains struck left Bay running from the complex carrying the two unconscious children (with one of the vicious creatures found in the complex hot on his heels) while the rest of the party prepared to fight their way through a long line of undead as Magnus had refused to even give his name to the imp, let alone agree to any bargain, and was thus not party to the safe passage of the others. We pick up with this action after the break.

Todd has rejoined the group for the next few months. He is playing a half-orc paladin named Pounder. With a Strength of 20 and a big warhammer, the name seems pretty apt. After some catching up and a bunch of pizza, we got to playing.

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25 Mar

The Lonely Coast Campagin – Seeking Cynric’s Folly (Session 8)

Yikes! Zombies! Again? Really?!? Yes, zombies again but at least these aren’t pirate zombies like encountered on the Nydam (or pibies as I started to call them). In out last session, our heroes arrived at Wolverton. They rested, restocked, and sought out some information before deciding to head west towards Swallowfeld and the Temple of VĂ©len to discover if any information about the location of the lost keep of Cynric the Ironwolf. During their travels they, of course, found adventure in the form of dead charcoalers and a recently unearthed complex of some sort. The complex looked like it might be Dracmosi in nature…a civilization that predates the Thaeden (the current dominant culture) by at least two civilizations.

In their explorations of this complex, they had opened a door and loosed a zombie.

And that is exactly where we pick up this session’s recap after the break. Thomas was missing this session and so RJ played Thalimor in his absence.

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23 Mar

The Lonely Coast Campagin – Wolverton At Last (Session 7)

Wolverton at last! When we last left our heroes, they had survived their adventures in Brea’s Garden and had returned from the Feywild, with Danu’s help. Along with the two surviving sailors, they were in the Nydam’s landing boat with Stansig Point in sight and the sounds of Wolverton’s docks coming from beyond the point. Unfortunately, there were no oars in the boat and Danu and their new faerie friend, Olive, were nowhere in sight. Relief at having survived was mixed with concern for what their actions in the Feywild might lead to. Things certainly did not seem to have ended well.

We pick up with this session with the party in the landing boat after the break.

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09 Mar

The Lonely Coast Campaign – Brea’s Garden Part 3 (Session 6)

When we last left our heroes, they had learned quite a bit more about Brea’s Garden and had collected some of the items that would necessary to gain entry into the palace. They also had just attracted the attention of a some sort of very large and green humanoid at the edge of some trees. Said giant had just started moving towards the heroes and that is where we’ll pick up after the break.

We had a full table of regular players plus we were joined by Bridgett. I don’t know if it was just because RJ’s mom was in town to babysit or if my Korean BBQ tacos played a part in luring her out as well (we did a potluck for dinner). Regardless, she joined us and took on the role of Olive Cattree. Olive is a sprite; one who only recently arrived in Brea’s Garden and has found the whole situation to be entirely too much of a damper on having some fun…which is pretty much what she wants to do. Olive had just finished chasing some bees in the meadow when she also had her attention drawn to the heroes and the green giant approaching them.

Spoiler Alert: This session is heavily influenced and based on the adventure Beyond the Crystal Cave, both the original (UK1) for AD&D and the 4e version which was part of the D&D Encounters series.

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