28 Nov

The Side Quest Session 10

In our last session, our party had continued their exploration of Castanamir’s abode in search for both the six books that Chakos had retained them to find and for a way out as well. In this session, Rachel, RJ, and Theo were in attendance and so Morgraen, Riordan, Lavinia, Rurik, and Aelwulf were played. As Theo had lost another of his characters in the prior session, he was also going to introduce Beorn this session…a dwarven cleric. We have also had an old player rejoin us…Thomas. Yes, the Dire Rattitude has returned to Tallahassee and wanted to get back into a game. To add to his list of quirky and memorable past characters, Thomas has now added Lilly. Lilly is a halfling cleric who can be briefly best summarized, at least from the first session, as a hippy stoner! Well, a hippy stoner who has visions that (conveniently) fit with what Lilly happens to be interested in doing. 😉

We began this session as Morgraen passed through a portal to find herself confronted with the two human thugs that the party had encountered a number of times already…encounters that largely consisted of the thugs taking a shot at the party and then fleeing. Spoilers: There are, of course, spoilers for the old AD&D module, C3: The Lost Island of Castanamir, below the break.

My GM comments, as usual, are in [italics and brackets].

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09 Nov

The Side Quest Session 9

In our last session, our intrepid adventurers had begun their task of searching for six specific books in the lair of the wizard Castanamir. They had been hired by Chakos of House Cadryenne, a drow elf, to accomplish this task. As there would be many spoilers even just giving a brief recap of what happened last week, I’m going to save that for after the break. This week both Muse and Theo were missing so it was just Rachel and RJ playing and thus just Morgraen, Riordan, Lavinia, and Rurik. Spoilers: There are definitely spoilers for the old AD&D module, C3: The Lost Island of Castanamir, below the break.

My GM comments, as usual, are in [italics and brackets].

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04 Nov

The Side Quest Session 8

After a week’s hiatus due to too many missing players, we picked up our 5th Edition D&D Side Quest campaign again. In our last session, the party had returned from their harrowing and deadly misadventures beyond the Moon Door. They returned successfully and completed their task for Rowena Greyraven, turning over the recovered topaz to her. Prior to that, they obtained a new patron for their adventures…the drow elf Chakos of House Cadryenne. Their new job was to pass through one of the valley’s portals to the home of an ancient wizard, Castanamir, and recover six books for the drow. The six books include (author in parens):

  • Oculum Percussum (no author listed). This translates from Draconic as The Piercing Eye
  • Portal Magicks (Castanamir)
  • One Thousand and One Planes Parallel (Bulukiya Scheher)
  • The Blazing Eye (Caven Mardish)
  • His Dark Materia (Trahere)
  • The Parallax Veil (Gerro Zelaz)

None of these books are familiar to the characters.

So after a bath, some shopping, a night’s rest, and a couple of excellent meals, the party headed out to meet Chakos. Escorted by some of the drow’s hobgoblin allies, the party entered a new cave where Chakos led them to The Archway. The Archway is the name of this particular portal and was little more than a stone archway filled with flat black nothingness. Passing through, they were assaulted by a strong storm and immediately set off to see shelter. A shaft, with a spiral stairway leading down, was soon discovered and investigated. At the bottom was a short hallway that led to another archway that was pretty much identical in look and design to The Archway.

The party stepped through and that is where we pick up with this session below the break. Muse was missing and so Grim and Callie were also missing. RJ and Theo were back and so Lavinia, Ruri, and Aelwulf were back along with Theo’s new character, Vondal (a mountain dwarf wizard). My GM comments, as usual, are in [italics and brackets]. Spoilers: There are spoilers for the old AD&D module, C3: The Lost Island of Castanamir, below the break.

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