02 Jun

The Race to the Pyramid

Here is the latest session write up of our Savage World Known World campaign (supplied by Rachel). This session was a continuation of the party’s ongoing struggles against a tribe of pteranomen (basically humanoid pteranodons). In out prior session, the pteranomen had defeated the party and taken them hostage. The party ended up being split up quite a bit after most of them had escaped their captors. Moe had been dropped off a cliff and into the ocean below…again. Erica and Niccolo were trapped in a cave with the only exit blocked by at least a dozen pteranomen. Mick was safely hiding at the top of the mountain with Meravanni and Quintus had burrowed off.

That’s pretty much where we pick things up below the break.

Todd had to work late and so was a couple of hours late and RJ played Niccolo until he arrived.

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