28 Oct

Descent: An Interlude

We had a late cancellation that meant we were down to two out of five players. Sadly, this has been way too common of an occurrence. I was originally just going to cancel completely but Todd had worked hard to get Saturday night off. So Todd came over and he joined Rach and I for some pizza and a game of Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition).

I had always meant to get Descent–particularly so after moments of rather severe GM burnout–but had never had until just recently. And by just recently, I mean that very morning. Given some other plans I already had, it left me very little time to read the rules. When Todd showed up, I was about seventeen or eighteen pages into the twenty-four page rulebook and hadn’t even opened the quest book yet. When Rach got back with the pizza, I was maybe another half page in.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for the first two quests, First Blood and The Fat Goblin, are below the break.

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21 Oct

Sturgimates, goblins, necromancers, and…mayors?!? Oh my!

Here is the writeup (from Todd) of our second session in our Pathfinder Beginner Box Hack mini-campaign. Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers for the adventure Fangs from the Past published by 0one Games. As is our typical pattern, the module is not getting run quite as written but there are still big spoilers for it below the break. My GM comments, as always, are in [italics and brackets] as usual.

[When we last left the party, they had recently arrived in the frontier village of Willoweed after having discovered the body of one of the local loggers about an hour out of the village. They learned from some other loggers that other attacks had happened over the last few weeks. When we ended, Aurora had just spotted her mother in the growing crowd of locals descending upon the village center. She was in tears and someone whispered to Aurora that her father had been the first victim killed two weeks earlier…]

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07 Oct

The Road to Willoweed

Since we won’t have the full complement of our regular players for a bit, we started a shorter adventure this past session. It’ll give us a chance to play a number of sessions with our Beginner Box Hack rules too and work out any obvious kinks. Austin, Rachel, and Todd were joined by a new player, Jim, for this session. Spoiler Alert: The foundation for this mini-campaign is Fangs from the Past published by 0one Games. As is often the case, we didn’t really get too far into the published part of the adventure but there are still big spoilers for it below the break.

Characters were created in under an hour and include the following.

  • Aaron: A human fighter played by Todd.
  • Aurora: A human cleric of Saranrae played by Rachel.
  • Remel: An elven wizard played by Austin.
  • Theoden: A dwarven rogue played by Jim.

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07 Oct

Pathfinder Beginner Box Hack

Scheduling issues have delayed the beginning of our next campaign. A couple of the players (Bridgett and RJ) are going to be missing pretty much all of October. So last week we did a little one shot with the start of my Beginner Box Hack…the Deadly Mine from the Beginner Box GM Kit actually. Folks enjoyed the session.

This week, I had made a number of changes to my BB Hack and Austin, Rachel, and Todd were joined by a new player, Jim, to start a short mini-campaign/adventure for the next few sessions. Before getting to the session write-up (which I’ll do in a later post), I figured I should lay out the BB Hack we’re using.

I suppose I should start with the caveat that this is all to make the game play better for myself and my group of players…others, of course, will be perfectly happy with the Beginner Box as is and with the full Pathfinder ruleset. We, on the other hand, want a D&D type game that is a bit less “crunchy” and less bookkeeping than even the Beginner Box. And, of course, because players like to be inconsistent, they also want more options than currently in the Beginner Box.

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