26 Mar

Hellfrost Sidetrek: Pirates of the Crystalflow Session #2

When we last left our heroes, they had encountered some “bandits” holed up in a tower along the Crystalflow River. The leader of the bandits had just conceded that the party could stay in the tower for the night (i.e., he surrendered) and Taranis had been gravely wounded from an arrow shot by the same leader and had plummeted to the ground from the tree he had climbed for a better vantage.

There are spoilers for The Pirates of the Crystalflow. Although, even though we are two sessions in already, we haven’t really gotten very far into the module at all. We have a definite tendency to “go off the rails” and get sidetracked with things. This entry is, again, from me. None of the players had volunteered to to do it…even for an extra benny. I guess I’ll just have to put the carrot away and pull out the stick.

My GM comments are, as always, in [italics and brackets].

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09 Mar

Hellfrost Sidetrek: Pirates of the Crystalflow Session #1

To give our new players a taste of Savage Worlds & Hellfrost and to help the rest of us get reacquainted with them after being away for a bit, I’ve decided to run the module, Pirates of the Crystalflow, from Wiggy and Triple Ace Games. Our regular Hellfrost campaign is set in the Freelands and was dropped in the middle of a combat in some sort of tomb/necromancer’s place. So this module isn’t really part of the campaign…just a chance to get some play in and get used to the system again. Hopefully it will help break folks of some D&Disms that I’ve found are sometimes problematic when picking up Savage Worlds after D&D type games.

Although it doesn’t really fit with our prior Hellfrost campaign that we’ll be picking up soon, I also decided that it would be helpful if those that had played in the Hellfrost campaign previously could play their old (and soon to be again) characters: Rachel is playing Wulfwynn, a Reaper of Eostre; RJ is playing Skuli, an Iron Guild Mercenary; and Todd is playing Taranis, an Eire Elementalist and member of the Lorekeepers. Austin and Bridgett are playing Andwick, a Hearthkeeper of Kenaz, and Drefan a Woodsman. Both of these are characters of players who aren’t playing with our group anymore.

So the Heroes of Dalsetter somehow ended up down in the Crystalflow Confederacy and without any funds. We all decided that this was somehow probably Skuli’s fault. So the PCs are both looking for some additional funds and, being heroes and all, the chance to be heroic. So I’m sure it is no surprise that, as the PCs were eating a meal that the last of their money had purchased in some unnamed inn in Scathmoor, they were approached by an individual interested in obtaining their assistance.

Spoiler Alert: Obviously, there are going to be spoilers for Pirates of the Crystalflow below the break…although most of this session was on the fly improv. This write up is from, well, me and my GM comments are in [italics and brackets] as usual.

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