19 Jun

A Mile in My Shoes

For out past two sessions, I’ve taken a seat on the opposite side of the table than I normally do. I’ve been a player and Todd has taken over the GMing duties! I had purchased, at some point in the past, the Reality Blurs’ module, “A Keg for a Dragon.” Todd took it and ran it. I haven’t read the module so I can’t say much about it beyond my experience of having been a player. I had fun playing a knight and leading the party…as the duly appointed representative of the King.

I think it was a good experience for Todd to run the game as well. It provides some perspective. At one point last night, he commented on how hard it was to not say something as we all were discussing a particular mystery that needed to be solved. Sitting there knowing the answer and watching us buzz around the answer we needed but not actually landing upon it is something that most GM’s have probably experienced at one point or another. He also got to experience players not searching for things when they are expected to and the nearly inevitable attempts (intentional or otherwise) to derail the plot of any published adventure.

It seems pretty common for folks to talk about GMs needing to be players periodically so they don’t lose the view from the other side. The same applies to players…they should run a game periodically so they have a sense of the GM’s perspective. So, while I continue working on my Savage Greyhawk conversion, RJ and Rachel are each going to take a turn at running an adventure over the course of a session or two each.

They just better not get any ideas of “taking over” the role of alpha GM. 😉