16 Mar

Looking for Savages in Tallahassee

We’re looking for one or two players to join our group. A couple of our current players will be moving out-of-town over the next few months. Although we flirted with playing Pathfinder, we’ve decided that we want to stick with/go back to Savage Worlds. Our current plan is to start playing some Deadlands soon and then pick up with our Hellfrost campaign (of which you can read about on this site). The Hellfrost campaign will be our “main” campaign but we’ll periodically switch to other settings for one-shots and mini-campaigns.

We typically play on Saturday evenings (from 7pm to around midnight) at my home in the Myers Park area. Adults only please (21+) and we prefer non-smokers.

If you’re interested or want more info, just respond here and I’ll get in touch with you.