28 Feb

And we’re back…kind of…

Okay…first off, we never really went away; we just went somewhere else (over here at Fat Rat Games’ Pathfinder Campaign Blog). Since this site went quiet, we’ve been doing a couple of different things. We’ve been playing some Pathfinder as well as doing some stuff that I can’t talk about…pesky non-disclosure agreements. 😉

I’m also looking for some new players to join our group soon. A couple of players are leaving town and so we’ll have some open seats at our table. If anyone in Tallahassee is looking for a game, get in touch with me.

We recently took a break from both of the above projects and got some more Hellfrost in! Only Rachel, Jamie, and Todd could make the session so we had the return of Wulfwynn, Cuðbert, and Taranis for a session. This is one of the things that I love about Savage Worlds…it is so damn easy to throw a game together on short notice. Hellfrost makes it even easier with the Hellfrost Encounters book! I grabbed a couple of encounters from the book…What Goes Up (Encounter #1) and, sort of, Hold the Line (Encounter #24) so guess what…

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers from the Hellfrost Encounters Book 1…encounter #1 and #24 to be specific.

Unlike most of the other posts about our sessions, I wrote this instead of one of the players. Oh, we haven’t played Savage Worlds (much to the chagrin of some) for about five or six months so we were a bit rusty. 😉

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15 Feb

Price of Immortality Session #6

Here is the campaign log from our sixth Price of Immortality session. This was written by Rachel (who plays Serena). My GM comments are in [italics and brackets.]

Note: There are, obviously, spoilers for the Price of Immortality trilogy below. In this session, the party continues its exploration of the lower levels of the Crypt.

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