21 Nov


I’ve recently decided to give the Pathfinder RPG a try. Over the last few years, our group has had a number of changes in players at the table and we’ve gone through a number of different game systems. We played 3.5 for quite a few year and, when 4e came out, we gave the new kid on the block a pretty good run. I ran 4e for about a year before I decided that it just wasn’t going to be for me. We then moved to Savage Worlds for about a year and, while I think it is a great game and one that I’d be happy to run, we’re still going to give Pathfinder a shot…if for no other reason, to remind us of why Savage Worlds is such a great game. 😉

My current plan is to run a mini-campaign for the next couple of months and see how things go.