24 Jun

Hellfrost Side Trek #1b: Hrafn Point

[Our Side Trek to give Cliff and Kathryn some experience with the SW system continues after the brief side trek from this side trek. Kathryn was unable to join us but sent a proxy…her son Drew. Rachel was also missing but Jamie is back from his European excursion and played Ivarr in Rachel’s absence. After so many years of struggling to keep enough players, my cup now runneth over and there are even backup players!

This entry is from Jamie. As always, my GM comments in italics and brackets.

When we last left the party, they were preparing to open the gates into the barrow mound complex.

Spoiler Alert: Portions of this session borrow from the adventure, The Garden of Miracles, by Faster Monkey Games.]

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15 Jun

Hellfrost Side Trek Side Trek…

[Our Side Trek to give Cliff and Kathryn some experience with the SW system got a bit sidetracked this week. Kathryn was sick and the air conditioning in their house broke. While that might not seem like a big deal, keep in mind that this is in Tallahassee and our highs have been hitting 100 degrees plus very high humidity.

Unfortunately, I was out of touch pretty much all day (aka sitting at a bar watching the World Cup) so I didn’t know until about an hour before everyone else was showing up. Don’t panic…no need to panic…why panic…after all the drinks, I couldn’t have even if I wanted to.

I just decided to play this out as though it were an earlier mission that Ivarr led. All the characters kept the same basic characters but, except for Ivarr and Gansi, they just weren’t the same people as the current side trek characters: Moose=Mule, Playboy=Hefinnr, Jackass=Tyrvi. While I, for my part, would just make it up as we went along…with one exception. I decide that there might be a small amount of foreshadowing for the side trek AND that there would be an undead t-rex!

The session was, perhaps, a bit more “tongue-in-cheek” than our normal sessions.

This entry is from RJ. As always, my GM comments in italics and brackets.]

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07 Jun

Hellfrost Side Trek #1a: Hrafn Point

[Our Side Trek to give Cliff and Kathryn some experience with the SW system continues. This entry is from Robert. As always, my GM comments in italics and brackets.]

After dispatching the orcs on the platform, a horn sounded, echoing from deeper in the cavern. Our presence was known. A narrow suspension bridge led into the darkness. Orcbane took the lead, carrying the torch, and we all carefully followed him across the unsteady looking bridge, Stori keeping an eye out in the back. The bridge led to a hole in the cliff face, which opened into a small room with some orc beds, and a hole in the floor with three ropes tied to spikes leading down. We dropped a torch to see how far down it went, and saw that it was 60 or 70 feet, the narrow hole opening up about 40 feet down or so. We all got down fine, but Stori thought he heard voices from behind us before he went down the rope.

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03 Jun

Hellfrost Side Trek #1: Hrafn Point

[After the TPK from our prior session, I need a break from the main campaign to regroup and rethink the potential plotlines floating around in my head. Although only one of the “main” player characters was killed, the session’s end result has had a pretty significant impact on the direction the campaign had headed.

Plus, two new players are joining the campaign, Cliff and Kathryn, and both have never played Savage Worlds before. We all played a bunch of one-shots and trial games when we started up and it only seems fair that they have the opportunity to get a taste of the system too. So it all came together that it was time for a Hellfrost Side Trek! I made up some pre-gen characters (which can be found here) and quickly started throwing together an adventure (becoming a mini-campaign) around Hrafn Point…a settlement of the J├írn Vale that lies rather close to the borders of the Withered Lands.

A Divine Slayer, Ivarr the Ghostmane (played by Rachel), and his cousin, Gansi (played by Robert), were tasked with hiring mercenaries and traveling to Hrafn Point to assist the Temple of Scaetha there deal with any undead incursions from the Withered Lands that may occur during the winter. Stori (played by Cliff), Ulfr (played by Kathryn), and Hefinnr (played by Todd) are three mercenaries hired by Ivarr. RJ missed this session but will be joining us in the upcoming sessions so I’ll be making up another charcter for him…probably a Eulogist.

Oh, one note about the PCs for this Side Trek…I randomly determined how many XP they had. It was something like 15 plus 2d6. I did this because SW seems so much more conducive to having characters of “different” levels than certain other games and it’ll be interesting to see this in play.

These events occur a couple of weeks before the start of the regular campaign. They may (or may not) have an element of foreshadowing for some larger events that may (or may not) develop in the regular campaign.

This entry is from Todd. As always, my GM comments in italics and brackets.]

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