14 Jan

Still Looking for One or Two More Players

I’ve been a bit remiss with updating the site with recent sessions but if anyone in Tallahassee is interested in a regular, face to face, tabletop Savage Worlds campaign, I’ve got one or two spots at my table. If you’d like to find out more info, you can contact me at melchioronetwo at comcast dot net (replacing the italicized at and dot with the appropriate symbols of course and replacing the italicized one with 1 and the italicized two with 2…damn spammers!). You can also register with the site and post a reply here (though if your email and/or name don’t look legit, it won’t get approved…same if you have a gmail account…again, damn spammers!).

The current plan is to alternate between a Freeport campaign (Green Ronin’s pirate setting) and a Hellfrost campaign (Triple Ace Games’ epic heroic fantasy setting).