07 Nov

Finding the Perfect Miniature

Assuming that you’re playing in a game/campaign that uses miniatures and you’re at least a little bit like me, then a miniature that is a good visual representation of your character adds a nice touch to the game. Custom paint jobs are great (assuming the player doesn’t say something like, “My character stands out in a crowd but doesn’t draw attention to himself. Can you paint him all brown?”) but take time. Plus, as the optometrist noted at my last exam, I’m at that age now where the eyes start to go. Pre-painted minis are a great convenience but already have the appearance established (unless you paint them). Paper figures like from One Monk are great for the baddies but something a bit more three-dimensional is preferable (at least to me) for the main stars of the game, the PCs.

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05 Nov

Captain’s Log #2: One and a Half Oars, Three Sheets

[This entry is from Jamie.]
Chapter the first
Allara, Tory, Gills, Zahndethus, and Pta find themselves in a jolly-boat, towing a door-raft encumbered by an unconscious man, somewhere in the trade routes off the Freeport archipelago. Apart from the well-dressed but mutilated corpse of Allara’s former bodyguard, the group has practically no resources to draw upon. Pta prepares the body for burial in the deeps, saving a small portion to be recycled in a more immediately practical manner. Allara is despondent to learn that the attack of the one-armed zombies and their independent-minded limbs seems to have been related to her presence on board. Upon questioning, she reveals merely that she is turning 18 in a week, and that her mother sent Thomas to fetch her home for that milestone. The hapless voyagers made do with Pta’s supply of meat both as protein and as fish bait, and manage to hang onto life in the absence of any better sustenance and source of life-giving water.

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