28 Sep

Setting Sail

After a bit of a delay, the Savage Worlds Freeport campaign, aka the Sea of¬†Spheres campaign,¬†will be kicking off this upcoming weekend. In this campaign, Freeport is something of the center of a multiverse. The Sea of Spheres are the waters that lie beyond and between the oceans of various realities or spheres of the multiverse. These worlds are collectively known as the Continent to the residents of Freeport. The realms of the Continent are not a multiverse in a physical sense (a la Star Trek and other science fiction) but rather in more of a literary sense (a la Chris Bateman’s perspective on Michael Moorcock’s multiverse or Million Spheres and Seas of Fate).

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20 Sep

Draconic Measures on a Lazy Sunday Morning

Okay, it has now been over two weeks since I asked for characters asap and the response has been, at best, underwhelming. It is a bit disconcerting to do this but it appears some draconic measures are called for. You must email me or post your character by Wednesday (9/23) or I will assume that you are no longer interested in playing and offer your spot at the table to someone else. Those who recently became fathers (for the first or second time) are exempt from this.

If you are reading this and are interested in playing in a Savage Worlds game here in Tallahassee (we’re starting with a Freeport campaign), I may have some spots opening up at my table soon. I’ve got a sign up at Secret Headquarters with my contact info. If you’re not familiar with Savage Worlds, you can check out the Test Drive Rules from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

18 Sep

Site Revamp

This is mostly for those Ratlings that are participating in a FRG campaign and others who had access to the prior private site. You may have noticed that you’re not at the site you thought you’d be when you hit your old FRG bookmark or whatever. You are now at the new site!

To access the private forums, you’ll need to register for them by clicking on the FRG Forums (Private) link right over there to the right. It will take you to the forums, click on Register, and go through that whole process. The administrator (hey, that’s me) will have to approve your registration before you can access the forums. I’ll try to be timely.

I’m not bringing over the old forum posts so if there is anything from the old forums that you want posted here, let me know and I’ll dig it out of the database.

09 Sep

More Savage Worlds Please

We’ve had a few basic sessions of playtesting Savage Worlds. These sessions have largely been combat oriented–that’s where out of rules come in the most (at least in my campaigns). I have to say that I like it! I like it a lot! The system is pretty simple but damn robust. There is a lot of flexibility to it and it seems quite easy to wing things not covered by the rules. It also seems to encourage players to be creative (via Tricks) in combat. It also strikes me that the system is much more about building story during play than stamping a story on play (sure…you can probably do either one with any system but my gut reaction is that SW is more conducive/designed for that style of play). Yep…I like it! (Did I say that already?)

I’ll be running a couple of alternating campaigns to start: one set in Green Ronin’s Freeport and one using Triple Ace Games’ Hellfrost setting (the latter explicitly written for Savage Worlds). I’m probably looking forward to running this more than any game in a long time.