19 Aug

Savage Worlds

I’m still months behind on updating the Campaign Logs, we’ve moved on to an Eberron game, have played a couple of higher level one-shots with 4e, and I’ve come to a conclusion. The pacing of story in the 4e games has just been too slow. Combats just take up too much time for my tastes. I’m not saying that they aren’t fun or furious but they just aren’t fast. I want fast to go with my furious and fun. I want Fast! Furious! Fun!

Where have I seen that before? Hmmm…oh right, Fast! Furious! Fun! is the tagline for Savage Worlds. I’ve been looking over Savage Worlds and it looks like it may be a good fit for what I’m looking for in a set of rules and my preferred style of game. We’re going to give it a try this week with a one-shot and then a couple of more weeks with a more full-fledged “adventure.” If it lives up to its billing, we’ll do another one-shot or two and the some longer term stuff…maybe eventually convert the current Eberron campaign over. If not, I don’t know…maybe I’ll give up GMing and gaming for awhile…